definite fallishness

October turns into November and it’s cold! Down into the 20s overnight the last two days, and about that cold first thing in the morning, too.  Which makes riding a little more…invigorating.  I definitely need to get some sort of facemask/earmuff thing going on.  At least, with the change to standard time I have a few more days of light in the morning, even if it’s pitch dark when the van pulls into the parking lot.

I’m trying to do two crazy project sprints at once this month:

  1. Finish the kitchen, finally, for $DEITY’s sake!  Tonight we’re going to review our timeline, make sure it’s sane, and start organizing tools & supplies.
  2. NaNoWriMo! I’ve started an entirely new novel, inspired by a comment from Morgan, something C said, and a short story I’ve worked on off and on for several months.  I’m trying to decide whether to post it here.  (I have no particular ambitions as to its publishibility.)

We’ll see if sanity holds up between now & Thanksgiving….

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  1. I’m peeking at your word count and hoping things are going well! I’ve got a competition going with a couple of the student workers in my office and we’ve been madly churning out the amateurish fiction 😛

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