the very last person to comment

I was reading yet another person being annoyed/outraged by the whole Forbes marriage article thing, and it reminded me of something I noticed when I read the point/counterpoint version.  (I was too late to catch the original.)

The man’s version? Long, filled with (alleged) statistics.  The woman’s version? Short, and all about the storytelling.  He says, statistically career women are this.  She says, my marriage is happy.

It irritates me, because the use of the anecdote almost implies that the author is somehow exceptional or unusual.  She doesn’t (IIRC) bother to show any countervailing statistics, or point out the bias in his sources.  Nope, she’s just happy, and that means that it’s okay, which makes a weak-ass counterpoint, when there is (obviously) a hell of a lot of people out there who can provide a strong & meaningful counterpoint.

Nothing else, really; I’m just saying, is all.