put a fork in me

I am ultra-mega-soooper burnt out tonight.  Just tired and frustrated.  I really, really, really need to be cycling, and my back tire keeps going flat.  (I fixed it yesterday, or so I thought.)  I’m supposed to be at a protest at Ralph’s, but I just feel too damn frayed to handle the antis.

So I’m going to chill out, make quiche (with Dawn’s delicious summer squash!), and watch old Looney Tunes.  Maybe in a couple of hours I’ll be back to myself again.

2 Replies to “put a fork in me”

  1. I can feel your pain.

    Say, have you tried Geotagging your Flickr pics yet? It’s really cool. Most, if not all of my pics center around Cleveland, Akron and Portland. I have opened up my map to my contacts and, since you are one, feel free to check it out :-).

    Hopefully, you are feeling less burned out.

    Take care,

  2. By now I’m feeling lots better. 🙂 I’ve geotagged a few pictures, which means mostly Olympia, with a couple of shots in Portland. (Haven’t dug into the Austin pics yet.) It’s fun in a weird way.

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