home again

It is, according to the internets, 95 degrees right now, being 7:40 pm.  I’ve been out of commission, mentally, since about noon.  Maybe around 10 I’ll go for a little bike ride.  But until then it’s just star trek enterprise and chewing through about 800 unread feed items.  (ye gods!)

I had a really good time in Portland last week.  WebVisions was mentally stimulating, as usual; I’ll be going back over my notes tomorrow to glean some particular things to do or think more about.  Tom was a gracious host, and his new girlfriend is really cool.  The food was fantastic, both out in the city, and at Tom’s place.  Camping was great, hanging out at the beach lovely.  (And when we got home, I very quickly found C’s last glasses, which he can see with just fine!)
One last thing: on Friday night we went to see a band called Yoyodyne.  (Tom is friends with the bassist, and he created their website.)  Absolutely fantastic.  A little bit Breeders, a little Pixies; C also says a bit Firehose.  The bassist is also a powerful singer.

Glad to be back, though…will be even more glad once the weather drops a dozen degrees.

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  1. Looks like the band missed an opportunity. They should all be named John. John Smallberries, John Bigboote, John Gomez….

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