going away for a bit

We are going camping for a few days, and then to Portland, partially to visit Tom, partially to go to WebVisions.So I will be out of all electronic range for a bit, and then liveblogging like mad. I’m really, really, really looking forward to a little getaway.

Of course, my camera is scheduled to come back from Sony repair on Wednesday. 🙁 But I finally replaced ye olde cellphone with something with a camera in it, so I can take some (albeit crappy) photos.

My only worry about being gone is the state of my garden…we’re supposed to get some warmer weather this next week, and I won’t be around to fuss. (This has happened every time I go to WebVisions; two? three? years ago, most of my garden DIED during that week.) But a good friend, who is also an attentive gardener himself, has promised to look in on both plants and kitties while we are gone.

So…see you (online) in a few days!