bike #2

I bought a 2nd bike last night.? I’ve been thinking about getting a bike to keep a work for a while now, and this week I went looking on Craigslist.? A woman living 3 blocks from my house was selling a mountain bike that her kids bought her, because she’s moving…I tried it out last night, and for $40 I own a green Raleigh with an exceptionally comfy seat.

I need to figure out the shifters, because they’re not the kind I’m used to, but otherwise I’m good to go.? It is “John Deere tractor green” which makes me feel a little nostalgic, because that was the color of the bike that C had when we first started dating.

This weekend I’m going to make sure it’s all in good shape and cleaned & lubed & such, and then next week take it to work.? Which means I’ll have something to ride around the lake for exercise, plus a relatively fast way to get to the cafe & grocery store on the far side of the park.