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1 year ago I wrote this note linking to a color scheme, which I don’t think I ever used for anything.? More to the point, I was in the throes of very severe episode of depression.? A week later I wrote my big post on depression, and I started on medication for the first time.? (I’m attempting tapering off now.)

Exactly 5 years ago, ironically enough, I began this weblog. At that time, I had been at Pierce for 3 months, C & I had just moved to Lakewood, and he was working at Half-Price Books.? Like Andrea, I was totally immersed in CSS while beginning to learn PHP at the same time.? I was still in “the” writer’s group, but I can’t remember if that was before or after the big Matt vs. Kat split (to simplify it entirely).? I was playing a lot of Sims.

10 years ago, in April 1996, I was a month away from my bachelor’s degree at UPS, living a few blocks away, and working at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma part time.? Raul and I had broken up just under a month prior, but were still living together, gradually separating our stuff from 3 years of cohabitation.? We continued to live together until August of that year, which was occasionally awkward, although we remain friends to this day.? I had half-crushes on my two best friends; I was writing stacks of poetry; I was desperate to graduate. I can’t remember now if this was the period where Kat had to invite me to lunch to get me out of bed before I went to class, or if that was before the breakup.
Most of the really big changes in my life happened in that stretch from ’96 to ’01…graduating, meeting C, finding a career, several sets of friends coming & going, getting married, moving out of Tacoma.? Since then, just two big changes: buying the house in Oly and dealing with this last big depression.? Everything else is incremental, and yet I find myself quite different in my head than even 5 years ago.

Who am I tagging?? I always want to tag Kat & Joe, but they never do it…I don’t think they read this. :(? So instead….

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