the unbearable horribleness of flight

yesterday was not. fun.? I got home at midnight (2am austin time) a gibbering mess, good for nothing but curling into the fetal position and going to sleep.

below is the notes I made while on the flight segment from Dallas to Seattle…

The triple threat of air travel: a snoring seatmate, the seat in front of me going back, and a crying baby. Plus my knee hurts like hell, and I’m on the window, so it’s no mean feat to get up and stretch. If I have to hear that baby any more I’m going to scream!

Which is funny because I just finished The Kid, Dan Savage’s book that I won at Break Bread With Brad. Very entertaining, and of course made me think a great deal of my sister and my niece W. I don’t know if I’ve told that story here, or if it’s even entirely kosher for me to tell it. Let’s just say that W’s story is something like the Kid’s, and 8 years later, it seems to have turned out pretty well for everybody.

Ah, now the baby has stopped.

I hate flying; today has sucked away all the wild wonderfulness of the last week, what with being early to a late flight, forgetting my rosemary, losing my 2nd set of boarding passes, and then being twisted into a pretzel for way too long. My knee is shrieking. This guy next to me has his head resting on the seat in front of him, obviously dead asleep. How do people do that? I’m tired (it’s 10 pm central time), but I can’t imagine getting any particular rest.


Trying to write up summaries for my notes, which would be going better except for the fact that 27B is snoring at an incredible volume.


I still have 2 hours and I feel like I’m going crazy!!!!!!!!! I tried to see if my phone’s headphones would work with my computer, so I could listen to something, but no. On the other hand, with my whole bag on my lap, I can finally stretch out my legs enough to let my knee relax a little.

I say that, and then the person in front of me puts her seat back a little more. And did I mention that I’m up against a bulkhead? And that 27B has BO? I did already mention that I’m strapped into this piece of shit for another two hours.


I’m actually really sleepy and having a hard time concentrating on my notes, so I’m going to try for a nap.

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  1. Sorry to hear you had such a terrible flight. My delay was longer, but at least my seatmate was charming. I felt bad for her; she was headed to Manchester, NH, where she had a 4 year old daughter waiting for her, and with the three hour delay, she was fretting the whole time about whether she would miss her connection. I stuck around just long enough after deplaning to note that the Manchester flight had indeed left without her. 🙁 There was one more flight to Boston that night. I hope she was able to get on it.

    Don’t know if I would have talked to her had I met her on the way out, but the magic glow of the ability to approach anyone for a conversation at SXSW was still upon me, and I’m glad it was.

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