good goddamn, what now?

nothing like waking up at 4 am to the sound of a fire alarm to:

  1. wake you way the hell up
  2. get you really focused on what’s absolutely important

which, by the way, turns out to be, in order of recollection:

  1. laptop
  2. phone
  3. wallet
  4. badge
  5. knowledge that camera & hard drive with important files are already in my bag
  6. clothes I wore yesterday
  7. sneakers

but not the charger for the phone, any of my other clothes, my meds (!), the book I got signed yesterday, etc.? very clarifying.

it was, of course, a false alarm, started probably by some yahoos (not the web kind, hopefully) on my floor doing something with a fire extinguisher.? that was the scary part, because as I came out of my room I saw what looked like smoke, which got me moving damn quickly down the stairs.? I probably should’ve been tipped off by the fact that it wasn’t at all hot in the hallway, but, um, yeah…it was 4 am.

I almost didn’t wake up, which is maybe even scarier.? I think the alarm went on for quite a while before I realized it wasn’t just part of a weird dream.

this hotel has been the death of a thousand tiny cuts.? no remote for the tv, then the microwave, last night something weird was going on with the toilet, which I still need to go talk to somebody about, and then this alarm.? it’s cheap, and a decent location…and the staff have all been really friendly…but I don’t know if I’d do this again.

the question is, will I get back to sleep?? and for how long?