in a fog of not quite awake

too tired to write coherently, too awake to go to sleep.

break bread with brad was very cool, if very noisy.? met Ralph (hi!), plus a bunch of people I didn’t know at all before today.? also met JJG and was sort of fangirl-ish.? “oh, you’re Mr. Rebecca Blood!”? (his tips for SXSW? drink lots of water during the day and don’t worry too much about showing up for the first session of the morning.)

I took a bunch (? some?) pictures, which I’ll upload tomorrow.

I won a book in the prize drawing!

I had very tasty hard cider & spinach-artichoke dip.

okay, maybe I’ll go to sleep now and write more in the morning.

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  1. Hi! It was great to finally meet you face to face. I had a good time talking with you and Georgy. Maybe we can get together for lunch at some point during the rest of the conference so we don’t have to scream over the noise. 🙂

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