the knee, again

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been referred to the orthopedist, and that appointment was this morning.

It started with lots of paperwork, because it isn’t a group health orthopedist, but an outside provider. Apparently they don’t have one in the medical center in Oly anymore. Then X-rays.

Oh, computers do rock my world sometimes…while I was waiting for the actual doctor, the Xrays were up on the screen in the room, clear and easy to see, not that I could interpret them or anything.

She poked and prodded and twisted my leg, looked at the X-rays, and the verdict, for now? Probably something wrong with the meniscus, almost certainly arthritis in the knee. I’ll be going back for an MRI once group health has done the secret handshake with the doctor’s office, and that should be more definite.

But holey moley, arthritis! How’s that for making a gal feel old? At least it makes me feel more serious about getting some damn exercise.

2 Replies to “the knee, again”

  1. You have no idea how cool the whole computer thing with x-rays really is most of all for the clerks .
    But I am sorry to hear about the knee it least it is not as bad as mom’s who the doctors has told her the only thing they can do for her is to replace the knees.

  2. actually, I was thinking about giving mom a call in a bit, get some advice on all that. she has made it all the way to 62 with those knees, nothing replaced yet! and she’s darn active, too.

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