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# Where did you graduate from and in what year? Blair High School, 1992
# Who was your significant other? Raul, junior and senior year, and almost all the way through college, too. (We broke up 2 months before my college graduation, exactly 5 years after when we started dating.)
# Was your Prom a night to remember? Didn’t go to Prom. Didn’t miss it.
# What was your favorite song you danced to the night of Prom? See #3.
# Do you own all 4 yearbooks? Only the last 2, but I do have all three yearbooks from middle school!
# What was your favorite movie in high school? Heathers and The Doors.
# What was your number 1 choice of college in high school? I know I ended up at “UPS”: — but I don’t know that it was my first choice, or even that I really *had* a first choice, as such. I kinda wanted to go to Pomona College.
# What radio station did you jam out to in high school? I started out with KIIS (?), which was your generic pop station, then moved to Pirate (don’t remember the call sign…I did have one of their Tshirts, though), which was lite-heavy metal, and then ended up at the mega-alternative station KROQ.
# Were you involved in any organizations or clubs? Academic Decathlon (hi, I’m a big freaking nerd) all four years, Debate during my junior (?) year, choir that same year as well. I did the community orchestra thing all four years. I think I did school newspaper one year, but I don’t remember for sure. And my last year I helped found the school’s literary magazine.
# What was your favorite class in high school? Academic Decathlon. Senior year English. The off-campus math class I took freshman and junior year.
# Who was your big crush in high school? Other than Ra? My friend Stephanie’s boyfriend’s best friend. Franz. Sonya Lopez.
# Would you say you?ve changed a lot since highschool? Hrm. I think so, although sometimes I wonder.
# What do you miss the most about it? Almost nothing, maybe a few friends. The AD coach.
# Your worst memory of HS? The infamous notebook (analog bulletin board?!), when Kristina was so cruel. And generally around that how awful all my friends were in re: Ra.
# Did you have a car? Nope. Cheap/free bus pass, tho.
# What were your school colors? Green and gold.
# Who was your favorite teacher? The AD coach, Mrs. Nicholson.
# Did you own a cell phone in high school? Like Michael, this is where I show my age. The first person I ever knew who owned a cell phone was a contractor whose kids I babysat. It was a “car phone” and absolutely humongous.
# Did you leave campus for lunch? As soon as Elma got her car, hell yeah. Occasionally by myself, and then senior year I actually left school at lunchtime because I didn’t have any classes after lunch. (IIRC, the very last sememster I only had 2 classes I had to show up for.)
# If so, where was your favorite place to go eat? Oh, hell, now I can’t remember the name of it…Burger Continental? They were/are this great Greek place that had a crazy cheap lunchtime burger deal. If on foot, then the burger place across from Trader Joe’s.
# Were you always late to class? Rarely.
# Did you ever have to stay for Sat. School? I think I had to once, but I honestly don’t remember why. Maybe too many absences?
# Did you ever ditch? Oh god yes. Especially Spanish class.
# When it comes time for the reunion will you be there? Skipped the 10 year, don’t know yet about the 20.

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  1. For ? # 8. it was KISS and ? # 20 the place’s name is Lucky Boy good burgers and I love the breakfast burritos

  2. Wait, so it wasn’t BC? BC was the place on South Lake near Pavilions, and it would surprise the heck out of me if that’s where you went, because we never saw you around. Then again, I was mostly in middle school at the time and none of us got off campus at lunchtime.

    Yeah, you so were a Heathers fan, it shows in every question 😉 Is it even acceptable for people to not want to reminisce happily about high school anymore? Who circulates memes like these?

    miss ya 🙂 don’t miss Ra half so much, even though you both introduced me to Rocky Horror. (Travis Petersen was there too. Where’s that kid now? I had such a painful crush on him).

    Can’t go to bed,

  3. We went to BC if Elma was driving (mostly in 10th-11th grade, so when you were still in jr. high), otherwise I walked to Lucky Boy.

    I have fragments of happy reminiscence, but it’s hard to look at the overall experience particularly positively. (Dunno where these memes start, only that sometimes they click with me.)

    Oh, Travis. He was cute in a gawky sort of way, wasn’t he?

    I miss you too…one of these days you will have to come out to this corner of the country again!

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