four by four (via cavlec)

four jobs I’ve held: housecleaner, library page, random chaos girl, web manager

four movies I can watch over and over: the Princess Bride, Lord of the Rings, Brain Candy, and I can’t think of anything else Zoolander!

four places I’ve lived: Altadena, CA; Tacoma, WA; Lakewood, WA; Olympia, WA (and oddly, those are the only four places I’ve lived)

four TV shows I love to watch: The Office, Kids in the Hall, Firefly, the Daily Show

four places I’ve been on vacation: Turlock, CA (it was just a stop, but one that meant a great deal); Madeline Island, Wisconsin (the destination point of the craziest trip ever); San Francisco, CA (one of my favorite places on earth); California gold rush country (a childhood vacation…that ended in San Fran!)

four sites I visit daily: gmail, my aggregator, trackslife, and my work site

four of my favorite foods: tom ka gai, chicken gyro special at It’s Greek to Me, the no-longer-available taco salad at Planet Burrito, pringles (and anything chocolate as a obvious 5th)

four places I’d rather be: doing something fun with Kat in Seattle; visiting Grey and Thao (separately) in San Francisco; in a cabin in the woods writing; and there’s nowhere I’d rather be than here in Olympia.