good to know, at least

So it turns out that these sniffles and stuffiness that I’ve been suffering with for two weeks (almost precisely) is actually a sinus infection. Who knew?

Well, C had a pretty good hunch, but after suffering all day yesterday with a plugged-up nose and over-stuffed itchy eyes and gradually stuffing-up ears, I called the consulting nurse.

Who told me to not pass go, not collect $200, and to get directly to the urgent care clinic. Luckily, it didn’t take too long, hardly any waiting, and then sent home with antibiotics and nasal spray.

I’m so very glad I did, too, because this morning I woke up feeling like crap — exhausted, not enough air, even more stuffy. I think if I’d let this go on another few days or a week, I’d be in a very bad way. As it is, I took today off to sleep in (until 10!) and laze about, not thinking too hard.

My mood’s been off these last couple of weeks, and I’m beginning to wonder if some of it was just being worn down by this silly infection.