saturday matinee

as per Shelley.

for me, Saturday matinee isn’t really so much about going out to a movie on a Saturday afternoon as it is catching something weird on TV, or renting an insanely familiar movie. and it’s all about summer days of my childhood when it was too hot to go out and do anything at all.

the little pharmacy/stationary store in our neighborhood added a video store sometime in the mid 80s, and we spent many hot summer afternoons basking in the air conditioning and trying to pick something that would please 3 kids and their middle-aged mom.

Mom doesn’t like scifi, but she loved The Last Starfighter. All of us loved that movie. Kid saves the universe and all that.

The other movie, which came up in my Netflix recommendations, that we rented over and over again, was Summer School. Silly movie, very 80s, a little bit like Breakfast Club, but LA, slacker, and oddly enough, heartwarming. (I put it in my queue, along with the Calamari Wrestler.)

Something about that time of day, the middle of the afternoon, when nothing is going on, especially when the weather is unclement (either hot, as in my childhood, or cold, as it is now)…makes me ready for all sorts of silliness. Dumb comedy. I think I got *that* from Mom, along with murder mysteries. I wonder if Mom’s seen Legally Blonde yet…..

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  1. Yes for legally Blonde and she like it too. I also rember the stupid comedies she loved to get so dumb they were funny

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