garden planning, part 1

what I have now:

* tulips
* daffodils
* anemones (do these come back?)
* orange oriental lilies
* crocus
* allium (normal, small white, green weird)
* orange flowers
* gladiolas (yellow)

* shasta daisy
* yarrow
* honeysuckle
* purple spikes
* creeper with blue/purple flowers
* lamb’s ears
* fleabane
* creeping phlox
* plant with geranium-like leaves
* little grasses
* rosemary
* oregano
* candytuft
* lavendar

reseeding annuals…
* poppy (pink)
* california poppy?
* bachelor button
* sweet william
* snapdragon
* misc (various seed packets)

also garden art…
* owl
* bunny
* bowl I made
* Kat’s fountain/pillar
* glass sun
* copper woman

what I would like:
* more color in late summer & early fall: zinnia, dahlia?
* peonies!
* more herbs
* cosmos, nasturnium
* a better structure and flow, both in space and in time

It seems a little strange to be thinking of next year’s flowers when everything grows dark, but after three years I’ve realized that this is when it must be done. Next step is to measure and draw, and then to make a shopping list. The deadline for me now is to get bulbs in (and rearrange the ones I have) before any snow, or at least before Christmas.