breaking a rule, but for a good reason

I’m on our Combined Fund Drive campaign committee this year ($DEITY help me), mostly as a technical advisor. (CFD is the Washington state employee charity fundraising group, sorta like United Way, but just for state employees.) I worked on setting up a staff auction, using Blogger, which turned out pretty well, raising over $1000 for Katrina relief.

Now we’re doing a book/CD of recipes sent in by staff, and I’m going to be doing the electronic (read Word -> HTML) part of that. And all the profits are going to some sort of Pakistan earthquake relief.

So…if you have $5 to spare, and an interest in the cooking habits of Pierce College employees, all for the betterment of humanity, leave a comment and we’ll work it out from there. Thanks!

(Elizabeth, I’m sorta planning on sending y’all one or two for the holidays….)