random thoughts for a random day

Yesterday I went to a writing workshop that was held at the college — focused on play/screenwriting, but still quite excellent — actually, that helped. For the first time *ever* I wrote a bit of play dialogue, and it clicked together a key scene in my novel that I’ve had trouble envisioning. Something about focusing on (a) the conflict and (b) what they say and do, exactly.

And then this morning in the van I even finished it off, so it’s a complete scene. Which means the exercises I did yesterday, combined with Sunday’s writing, is the most writing on my novel that I’ve done in, what, a year? Hurrah.

I rode my bike to the van today, and found $16 on my way. There’s a 60-80% chance I’ll be putting my bike on the bus this afternoon, ’cause the rain started up again, but I’m okay with that. Still planning on riding as much as I can, for as long as I can.

Tonight we will be gaming again, which the last few times have been some of the best. games. evar. Me and my Jayne-inspired halfling. 🙂 The guys say I should go for more of a Zoe thing, but I like playing with Jayne’s bloodthirsty cluelessness.

Been feeling more organized at work too, not that I really mention that all too much. (This rocks.)

Still more tired than I’d like to be, but I’m afraid there’s no getting around that, at least not until 10pm – 5:30 am equals 9 hours of sleep. 🙁