oh, hell

# broke my glasses last friday, can’t find old ones, new ones still haven’t come in yet.
# um, where did the files for my site go?!
# we hardly got any work done during our “work vacation”

on the other hand…

# we did get the carport cleaned off and bought gravel (and C started putting it around the house this morning
# konfabulator is free now
# oh, and I just found my site files…whew!

the last few days I’ve been feeling relapsed mentally. the meds don’t seem to be doing anything, good or bad, and my temper/despair feels close to the surface. also, I spent way more of my vacation sleeping than I really intended to, and it’s been taking a long time for me to get to sleep at night.

most unnerving to me is my own procrastinating at making an appointment with my therapist…I just haven’t wanted to go, and not because I feel great, either.

today, though, I’m working hard to keep a positive mindset…and I emailed my doc and my therapist’s office. I have to remind myself that this isn’t just a walk up into the light, but back and forth…this is just a switchback, not a slide into the abyss.

definitely need to get back into my journalling on paper, too.