This is what I’m talking about. Comfortably ensconced in the cafe at Powell’s, drinking tea, laptop and the urban panorama both in front of me, and both peppy enough to be interesting. I’m even working, frighteningly enough. Only drawback now is that I don’t see any power leads, so my time will have to be short here.

Of course, that just means more time for cycling, which I’m totally thrilled about. I managed to make it from PSU to Powell’s without too much trouble: gliding along the sidewalks and even cruising in the street a little, with only a few goofy episodes of pulling up short or turning awkwardly. The sheer number of cycles leaves me gaping, even in comparison to Olympia, which tends to be a little bike-wiggy. I’m going to try a slightly more daring run to see some flooring supplies, and then over to the other side of the river to “Free Geek”: to see what they’re about, get tips to take back to FGOly and such.

And I’m actually more in the mood to be on the move than to sit here with my shiny screen. It’s a glorious day, was cloudy/misty when we were coming down I5, but now it’s clear, the sky brilliantly lit, and likely to be warm.

So pardon me while I run away for a bit.