getting out of Dodge

I’m getting ready to leave for the Webvisions conference tomorrow (yes, I know it’s on Friday, but I’m riding down with some folks who are going to the pre-conference workshops)…trying to travel light, which may mean that I get caught without a jacket, but with highs expected in the 80s tomorrow, I’m not too worried about it.

Very much looking to my third time at Webvisions, and to a day in Portland essentially on my own. I’ll be going to Free Geek Portland, maybe to Lumber Liquidators, and definitely doing a little teleworking from some park or another. (I have a list written down in my paper notebook.)

If you are one of my four readers, and happen to be at Webvisions, please say hi! I’ll be the one huddled near the power outlets. (Why yes, my Acer does have impressively aweful battery life, thanks for asking.)