riding through town

Tonight we went cycling together. Down the hill to downtown, where we looked at some experimental music festival & decided it wasn’t worth paying the money. Then up the other side to visit a friend (to drop off a video); I have to admit that I was not gracious in climbing up that hill. There was cursing and obscene gesturing involved, although finally I just had to admit that I get self-consious about my lack of cycling prowess, and he that he gets frustrated that I won’t listen to his advice. And with wheezing and straining, I made it up onto the crest and we cruised around up on the westside, dropped off the vid and hung out for a bit.

Then back down (wheeeeeeee!), through downtown again, weaving in the traffic on 4th, and over to another friend’s house.

I spent a couple of hours hanging out with her 4-year-old, playing with dolls, being shown the garden, explaining how flowers turn into blackberries, reading Space Witch…while C looked at her pictures from studying abroad. Good times for all, although I think next time I want to have the grownup fun. 😉

The ride home wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be; I got sweaty and breathed hard, but I didn’t freak out, didn’t even have to stop to walk. (Honestly? I used the tricks that C was trying to explain to me earlier.)

And now I’m all showered and relaxed and happy. Might watch a little vid (season 2 of Chapelle’s Show!) and then go to sleep.

I’m very happy we went for a ride instead of spending all evening with the TV or the computers.