so that’s a little crazy

I opened up Firefox this evening to a severe weather alert from ForecastFox…which surprised me, given that it’s lovely weather: a bit of clouds, maybe some rain later, but nothing I’d call *severe*! So of course I clicked on it, to get a _tsunami_ warning.

A 7.4 earthquake near Eureka, so tsunami warnings all up the coast, although it seems remote that they’d get down to this end of the water. I took a look at Google News: nothing; CNN: nothing.

Then off to the USGS…where I saw more about “the California quake”: (7.0 according to them), plus “an Alaskan quake of a similar size”: just a few hours earlier. On top of the Chilean quake yesterday…I’m not usually prone towards apocalyptic thinking, but that is a little distressing.

I’m just going to hold a little tighter to my chair the next day or two….

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  1. There was also this weekend an earthquake in Southern Cal out in the destrt which we felt in LA. So there has been much erth moving.
    Don’t worry Be happy

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