my first chat

finally managed to catch Kat & Joe on instant messenger last night, which was nice, if weird. I don’t know if my crazy typing speed is a good thing or a bad thing…it feels like I’m talking way too much or too fast, or something. and I think there’s a social style that will take some getting accustomed to. but I can’t think of two other people I’d rather learn with/from. 🙂

sometimes I wish I’d been around more when Joe was still living in Seattle; I feel like I missed out on something with that group of friends.

on an entirely unrelated note, I started a little story this morning, combining two little flashes of ideas I’ve had recently. it’ll be the first short story I’ve written since the airport story, which was at least four or five years ago, and (I think) the first fiction I’ve written this year…maybe longer. which as far as signs go, is a pretty good one.