success and failure

* the toilet tank cracked and burst
* but we were able to replace and fix it for less than $10
* we painted one wall of our soon-to-be bedroom
* but didn’t manage to finish the project
* the rack and trunk I bought for my bike didn’t fit
* but the bike shop gave me an amazing deal on the rack specifically designed for my bike
* I was entirely overtaken with rage/despair several times this weekend
* but I kept coming back

so, yeah. I’m not entirely satisfied with the weekend, but I’m not entirely dissatisfied either. I look at the bright green wall, or the new toilet tank, and I feel like, yeah, I’m capable of doing something, and doing it with C, at that.

2 Replies to “success and failure”

  1. I think you got the title for this post wrong; it should be “failure and success”, or, better yet, “triumph over adversity”. 🙂

  2. actually, I started with “failure & success” but I thought the other was more positive, strangely enough. 😉

    thank you, though.

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