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Archives for February 2005

working together, quickly

this evening C’s desk collapsed. nothing special happening, he just put his hand down on it and something snapped…. and the front end tipped forward, very nearly dumping the massive 21″ CRT on his lap, spilling coffee all over the floor (thank goodness there wasn’t much in there, and the plastic floor mat caught it […]

lazy-web starting point for learning

say I wanted to learn something about home audio equipment, and say that all I’ve ever owned, stereo-wise, are clock radios and a long-dead sony boombox. where would you recommended I start? websites, magazines, books, etc. all welcome!

odd-review notes

* move all the titles & pubyears from book into review * change review_date to read_date * review_date becomes a timestamp for when the review was added * change author_id to creator_id — allow it to be null * delete book table

thoughts on staring at Orion

Sometimes, at the end of a long dragging day, when the weather is nice and my mood is crummy, it’s nice to come home and go for a long evening bike ride. Nothing to brighten my mood like wheeling through dark streets on a crisp winter night, the stars like shimmering points, just enough light […]

knee news

I went to physical therapy today…I don’t know if I *like* my therapist, but I *trust* her, if that makes any sense. she had me walk up and down, stand on one foot, and then pulled on my right leg, which helped, almost to my surprise. then ice, which I should probably go do again […]

it wasn’t even my birthday

Kat’s birthday was yesterday (go visit her blog and wish her a happy birthday!), so I went up to Seattle last night after work. We had a fun time, not doing anything unusual… * lamb, potatoes, and asparagus for dinner (I brought wine for a sauce) * playing with Sims 2 Body Shop (we made […]

things to do

I’m still working through a variety of little tweaks to the site, now that I’m all upgraded. Two things in particular are giving me a lot of grief…. # magpie and character entities. yes, still. yes, I upgraded to 0.7.1. sigh. I don’t quite know what I’m doing wrong, or if I *am* doing something […]

what’s going on…

I’m doing some cleanup and upgrades around here: * making sure all WP installs are 1.2.2 * cleaning out unused plugins * cleaning out unused folders * upgrading lucidCMS to 1.0.11 * upgrading photostack to 2.1b7 * upgrading magpie to 0.7.1 all of which is causing or unearthing little glitches. at the moment, I’m tracking […]