gently falling

the last couple of days have been quite lovely, warm & sunny, both sunflowers and turning leaves. we got a little outside work done, which gives me a sense of relief. this summer was so painfully unproductive, maybe a bit of nice fall weather can turn the tide, so when the rain comes for real (and it will), then I won’t feel quite so disappointed.

I’m starting to envision where I want things to go in next year’s garden, even as this year’s begins its downward slide. a more disciplined approach is in order, I think, so as to avoid this year’s vegetal craziness. a few of the beds need to be bigger, others to be smaller. the veggies will be done entirely differently.

but all that will wait at least another month, while the cosmos and sunflowers burn themselves out, and maybe I’ll get one more crop of arugula, plus the last of the carrots. sometime in early/mid-November, I’ll be out there on a chilly afternoon digging up mud and bulbs and roots, imagining a spring still six months off.

in the meantime, I’ll enjoy this lovely day.