fun with portable computing

# yesterday, sat outside and did some fiction writing. no wifi; bad config on my part, but that was probably a good thing. I’m too distractable.
# today, worked at home with it on the big table in the front room: bright yellow network cable plugged into the router. at some point, I’m going to have to make that a little more elegant, I think.
# also, went downtown to the new B&B. rode my bike down, which was entirely rad; it fits into the “laptop” backpack that C gave me for my birthday _7 years ago_ just about perfectly. no wifi there yet, which was sort of annoying; I did get some offline things done, though. next week, it should be set up. I’ll definitely be going back.
# and now I’m sitting out on the patio, blogging (of course) and listening to KUOW. it’s a bit of a trial to find a spot that works well with the sun and shade of the south yard, but entirely worth it to be typing while looking at a cosmos in full bloom, a pair of little bitty sunflowers, and a little girl riding past on her bike. 🙂

our network is still a little sketchy, though, the DSL dropping in and out seemingly at random, the wifi being frustrating to get working just right, and XP wanting to do whatever it is that it wants to do. (no mac flames, please; we have what we have, and there are (mostly) good reasons why.)

but this is nice, if potentially even _more_ addictive than cable TV was, back when we had such a thing.