what a mess!

posting by email with WordPress is not a piece of cake, not even remotely. (and that’s not even dealing with the really obnoxious problem: whether I’d be able to set up a dummy email account at all at work.)

I’ve deleted all my test posts, just because they’re fabulously ugly.

the problem is, I’m looking to combine two Blogger blogs from work into a single WP blog, adding another feature as part of the new thing, and the main user of one of the existing blogs does 99.9% of her posting by email, because it works with the rest of her workflow.

and the whole point of doing all this is to make it easier for her….


1) it has to work with rich text from Outlook.
2) it has to work with images.
3) it has to look like a normal email, no quirky formatting (she sends these emails to real human beings, too).
4) it has to be utterly transparent.

whew. we’ll see if it can be done.

2 Replies to “what a mess!”

  1. Yes, I’m with you on the email stuff as well man.

    I’ve been working on a wp-mail hack (blade.lansmash.com) myself to especially have images in posts.

    I aggree with points 2,3 and 4… Of course email is only limited so you can’t magically have posts being sent to other categories without some extra info (like category type, etc) in the post.

    But outlook rich text! Man you really are picky! 🙂
    It’s not a open format, and it’s not openly supported. In fact not even older Microsoft email programs (outlook express) can read rich text formatting.

    I suggest that you change your formatting to HTML, because quite frankly (whilst it’s still kludge) other email clients at least have a chance to read it.

    Basically, you can’t expect WordPress to read mail that -only- Outlook users can read. Decoding outlook rich text is not easy.

  2. hey! thanks for commenting…I do like your hack as far as it goes…I know I’m being picky; I might have her switch mail types, which would be the least of a pain that I could be. 🙂

    (me, I’m a plain-text gal. haven’t used HTML or rich text in ages!)

    if I can get everything else working, I might write my own hack to auto-assign category based on some standard text that always appears in these messages.

    (you should see some of the crazy stuff I’ve done to customize Blogger output….)

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