in a better space

purple glass necklace
stone and silver earrings
I was hit with bursts of inspiration this weekend, and ended up making half a dozen earrings, plus the most complicated necklace I’ve yet tried.

actually, Sunday was a really nice day…our friend J came over to paint D&D miniatures with C (we played most of Saturday afternoon & evening!), and while they were doing that, I worked on jewelry. it was much the same this afternoon, only just C & me, with him drawing possible dungeons.

y’know what? it’s been just a really nice weekend. didn’t get near as much done as I wanted to, but I think I’m *set up* to get stuff done. made lists, bought materials to organize the utility closet, made my sister’s birthday present (!)….

and just plain relaxed with C, enjoying some time before the press of September sets in on us. not hiding out in the back den vegetating with movies, but being creative, basking in the cool almost-fall sun.

speaking of which…

eggplant blossom

I’m getting a second burst of growth in the garden. C went at my vegetable patch on Friday, yanking out weeks, and we discovered that:

# the eggplant hadn’t died, after all
# the spinach and arugula are reseeding
# the carrots are still kicking

so, yay. I’m going to pick a bouquet of cosmos tomorrow morning to take to work, so I have something pretty from my garden to look at this coming week.

I hesitate to say it (I have a long history of craptacular birthdays), but I think I might have a really nice 30th birthday.