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Archives for September 2004

you are there!

I just hadta. (when I realized that the laptop has a slot for the same kind of card as my camera….)

fun with portable computing

# yesterday, sat outside and did some fiction writing. no wifi; bad config on my part, but that was probably a good thing. I’m too distractable. # today, worked at home with it on the big table in the front room: bright yellow network cable plugged into the router. at some point, I’m going to […]

not the most inspiring way to spend an evening

although it was not quite so obnoxious as Mark’s experience last summer, spending the evening wiping and reinstalling a friend’s operating system wasn’t (isn’t, as I’m not done yet) the most fun thing. I learned a few things, tho, and I was very happy to have more computers around connected to the Internet. (I rediscovered […]

nobody knows this, but…

I like taking the bus in the morning to meet the van. it’s quiet time by myself, esp. if I have my headphones.


I’m blogging wirelessly from the back room of the house on a new laptop. this is about the most rad thing EVAR. 😉 so, yay.

using an image as an attachment

(instead of trying to embed it in the page.) logo_hdr.gif well, that’s odd. it’s not actually uploading the file. (was that a permissions problem?) the whole sending an image thing is just a mess. three tries with three different method, and nothing is working quite right. (oh, and reminder to self: here’s the one I’m […]

email redux

this is where I am now… * the text comes through fine… * except for some weird line break stuff (although I’m wondering if she’d written a fresh one, instead of forwarding, whether it would’ve done okay) * the attachments aren’t working — okay, attachments in general are working, but there’s something wonky with the […]

should fix one thing

okay, so this should get me a good permalink, at least.


# it’s using my Textile settings, apparently # but the permalink seems to be broken (is that because of my permalink settings, which are different that the projects?)

posting by email redux

I’m trying this again. * what works? * what doesn”t? to start with, I can’t post from my work address, which seems a little odd.