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Archives for September 2004

tonight’s adventure

how-to: ethernet cables — the fun part was working around a very fascinated kitten. (at this point, still the no-name kitten.)

I did it.

the new site is up…now I want a nap.

an observation

I think bachelor chow is actually cocoa rice krispies.

lost Boingo! (now found)

not that y’all are reading this from Olympia, but if you are, keep an eye out for the little guy. if not, just keep your fingers crossed for us. and then the signs started melting in the rain, and C went to the animal shelter, and Boingo wasn’t there, but a tiny grey kitten was…. […]

trying from the other direction

I just installed post2mail, which should send me an email with a link to this post. if it works, I’ll do these 2 things: 1) make it easier to update the list of recipients (I sort of like the way it’s done in Update Notify) 2) make it only send from a single category 3) […]


I’m in a ridiculously good mood. 🙂 yesterday afternoon the universe gave me an early birthday present. I went for a bike ride out to Lowes and back, and on the way back, in front of the VFW hall on Martin Way, I found a $20 bill…saw the flash of green out of the corner […]

happy birthday, kiddo

this will be coming to you in the mail shortly: (today is my little sister’s 24th birthday.)

a fragile peace

I’m getting better at making lists, but only a little better at following them. I still feel like an empty shell around which this life has accreted. and, wow, does that sound pretentious.

what a mess!

posting by email with WordPress is not a piece of cake, not even remotely. (and that’s not even dealing with the really obnoxious problem: whether I’d be able to set up a dummy email account at all at work.) I’ve deleted all my test posts, just because they’re fabulously ugly. the problem is, I’m looking […]

an odd vision

This morning, as we (the vanpool) were driving up the Steilacoom-DuPont Road, we saw the army guys out on the shooting range, with a big group of them sitting in a circle… it looked like they were playing “duck duck goose.”