everyone dies frustrated and sad and that is beautiful

I’m in a little different space than when I wrote a couple of days ago, I’m not sure if it’s better, but it’s different, anyway.

divorce is on hold for the time being…maybe if we can get the kitchen a lot further along this week, then it may go on hold indefinitely. I think that’s what I want.

bad stuff on Friday…I’m grateful to Kat for being an excellent friend and giving me the space I needed when I needed it. (we watched Gigantic, which I recommend to anyone who likes TMBG.) this is all turning out to be a test, incidentally, of whether I keep to what I’ve written in this space, now that I’m an older and wiser blogger. I think I will, but at this stage I guarantee nothing.

I’m checking the various electronic sources from the library…because of stupid filtered internet access, I can’t get into gmail, though. (stupid “family” cards.) or at least I’m assuming it’s the filtering.

on an entirely random note, the new Seattle library was cool, but I’d like to do a photoessay on its beautiful failures, which are now starting to be obvious, even to a first-time visitor.

so, yeah.

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