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today Mark Pilgrim posted his thoughts about the clean sweep quiz. I tried it myself….

23-25. (varied depending on a couple of marginal items.)

gah. my house is a mess; my relationships are few and conflicted; I’m not taking care of my physical health terribly well, and my finances are wildly disorganized.

on a happy note, I’m now exercising every damn day. (stretching, strength exercises & a little run in the morning, a walk around the lake at noon most days, and now either yard work or biking in the early evening.) which is giving me the energy I need to even think about the rest of it without collapsing into a sobbing heap of uselessness.

(oh yeah, that’s just great.)

there are a few items that I find ludicrous, or not important, or baffling — even if I were perfectly happy with my life I’d never score 100 on this quiz — and the assumption that completing it will bring happiness is a trifle odd. but it points me to some things I want to do…..

* improve my physical environment. this means filing my papers, keeping my house and clothes clean, decorating what can be decorated and remodeling what should be remodeled.
* take care of lingering physical problems. I’ve made two big steps in that direction this spring, between going to the chiropractor for my headaches (which are much diminished) and getting more exercise. next is getting a new dentist in Olympia and probably PT/OT for my hands/wrists/arms.
* getting a social life outside of the Internet. (not that I’m entirely sure how to go about that, and frankly, the idea scares me a little.)
* financial planning and organization.

I’ve always been a list-driven person. my paper journals are full of to-do lists, whether it’s just things that I need to do today, or goals for my whole life. so I suppose the list format of this little quiz appeals to me as a way to organize my thoughts.

oh, and items I’d add:

* I regularly give my time and/or money to charitable projects.
* I express my creativity. (yeah, I stole that from someone in Mark’s comments.)
* I am aware of political issues in my community and act based on my views. (or something like that.)

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