I’ve had a good few days of hacking…this weekend I started playing around with the display of feed on feeds, just because the default display irritates me. I’m nowhere near done yet, partially because I can’t decide how I want it to work, partially because I’m a little nervous about delving too deeply.

one of my goals is also to add a login function, so that I can expose my “blogroll” without allowing everybody in creation to muck around with my aggregator.

today I spent working on a trial of Phase; I got most of the content added for the site that I’m planning on testing it with, and wrote a couple of “snippets” too. I have more ideas.

and that’s the good part: I can feel the inspiration to keep playing, rattling around in my head like a good plot, or a line for a poem that isn’t quite formed yet.

(of course, what I really *should* be doing at this point is cleaning my home office to see what lurks there. but…ew.)