the extra ingredient is love

today at lunch, I had a salad of arugula, spinach and radishes from my own garden, dug up first thing this morning, with a little bit of gorgonzola cheese. I’m foolishly proud of myself.

maybe if I make peanut curry for dinner I’ll cook a little spinach to do with it, too.

I keep telling myself it’s the little things….

4 Replies to “the extra ingredient is love”

  1. It is the little things. Also thought it is the fact that those plants lived and non of the others did.

  2. Yeah, those are the plants that just seem to keep kicking. (Blanched spinach with my peanut curry was really good at dinner last night.)

  3. nope…we never got them into the right sort of environment, and they got both over- and under-watered, so…. dead, dead, dead.

    (I’m a pretty indifferent gardener, really.)

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