daily blabbing

the fridge & dishwasher arrived today while I was at work…and the old ones magically disappeared. by magically, of course, I mean that C. was good enough to pry the old dishwasher out of the cupboards, disconnect it, and drag it out into the front room for the gents from Lowe’s to take away, along with the planet-killing old fridge.

I’m totally psyched about the new fridge. 🙂 it’s bigger than our old one, possibly too big to fit back into the old spot, which, along with the change in dishwasher (as yet still in the box), means that this is almost certainly step 1 towards the grand kitchen remodel plan. we may be going into this ass-backwards, but that’s okay.

anyway, the fridge is big and white and shiny, and it makes me happy, at least for the moment. this evening, each time I’ve walked into the kitchen and looked at the scary gaping hole where the old appliances used to be, and the fscked up floor underneath, I’ve just gone back into the front room and given the fridge a little pet.

nice fridge. shiny fridge. happy fridge.