it’s a good day to be alive?

# flat tire. luckily, there’s a service station at the end of the block which will patch it, but that’s not the one that’s been having a slow leak lately, either. new tires will be in order shortly. update: C took the tire down in the wheelbarrow; it only cost $8! but it looks pretty cheesy, so we’ll have to start saving up for those new tires.
# dead refrigerator. “didn’t you notice it was less cold?” asks the repair guy, after telling me that it’s run out of planet-killing freon, and they can’t fix that sort of thing anymore. many hundreds of dollars later, and there’s a new fridge coming from Lowes tomorrow. that, and a new dishwasher, since ours has never worked quite right.
# reinstalling XP. not me, thank goodness, but it’s hard to avoid it when someone else is trying to get their system to some sort of optimal state.
# garden troubles. the cats (I’m assuming) have killed all the cucumber and zucchini starts, most of the eggplants, and half of the sunflowers. the peas aren’t attaching themselves to the lattice. the spinach is looking sunburnt. at least I have arugula and radishes.

and of course there are a million things needing to be done around the house and at work that fell by the wayside while I spent 4 days (+) unable to breathe, too tired to move. (yes, I’m feeling better now.)