weekends in the dungeon and in the garden

yesterday was game day; there was slaying of monsters and capturing of bandits. also the first headache in a week (a milestone!) but the meds took hold reasonably quickly. I had lots of fun, although I also faded out a little more swiftly than usual. sometimes it really sucks being chronically sleep-deprived.

today has been a slow day; something about switching to DST…I can’t think of a time in the last few years when that switchover day hasn’t been a bit of a lost day. I didn’t really feel like the day had even started until somewhere around noon….

on the other hand, we did get some gardening stuff today this afternoon; finally planted the hand-me-down honeysuckle that’s been living in a plastic pot on our patio for the last year and a half.

as for gardening in general, it’s been an interesting experience this spring. I planted tulips: a 100-count bag that I got from Fred Meyer for $10 — they’ve come up in glorious profusion, as did some of the leftover tulips from last year, and a handful of daffodils. the other hand-me-downs from last fall — daisies and oriental lilies — along with the perennials from last year, are likewise taking off wonderfully well.

vegetables, and other things from seed, are not doing so well, mostly because I got overambitious and misjudged the weather. I spent all last Saturday digging up a plot, with C. & J.’s help, and planted all the starts, along with seeds, on Sunday morning. Only then it was nearly 80 during the day for two days, and dropped down near freezing every night last week. so now it looks terrible…the only things showing even the remotest sign of life are three little broccoli plants.

luckily, I only planted/started about half of the seeds, so I have plently left to start over, except for the zucchini.

I suppose it’s all a learning (and/or relearning) process.

2 Replies to “weekends in the dungeon and in the garden”

  1. Yay for monster slayage! 🙂

    I don’t know why it tickles me so when I’m reminded that some of my female acquaintances are, well, geeks. But it does.

  2. Me too. 🙂 Now we’ve got another woman in the game group too, since she was able to rearrange her work schedule, and that’s pretty darn cool.

    C. & I hadn’t played D&D in years, and this has been a kick, these last few months, even if it does mean giving up some sunny Saturdays…

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