more design tweaks

I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now to have a slightly different style for each section of my site — not the layout, but the colors: driven by the different little images on the home page. I’m about halfway through…need to work out what colors go with the album and emergency weblog images…that, and find that darn owl. (I think it may still be on the camera.)

also, would love to hear if anybody thinks it works/doesn’t work.

5 Replies to “more design tweaks”

  1. hmmmm…now that I’ve downloaded & installed Firefox .8, I’m wondering if you need to clear your cache or something, because it’s working fine for me.

  2. Well I like the site, would have liked more pictures in the galeries.
    All in all, Bravo!
    Talk to you soon R.A.F.

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