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Archives for April 2004

poems for the end of poetry month, #2

IX from Twenty-One Love Poems by Adrienne Rich Your silence today is a pond where drowned things live I want to see raised dripping and brought into the sun. It’s not my own face I see there, but other faces, even your face at another age. Whatever’s lost there is needed by both of us […]

poems for the end of poetry month, #1

(inspired by eclecticism) First Snow by Mary Oliver The snow began here this morning and all day continued, its white rhetoric everywhere calling us back to why, how, whence such beauty and what the meaning; such an oracular fever! flowing past windows, an energy it seemed would never ebb, never settle less than lovely! and […]


this is the first time I’ve had a headache on a workday since March 24. (not the hat of pain day, but not too long after.) it’s not a bad one, but definitely there. analysis: stressed about a few things, personal and otherwise. big meeting today. maybe not enough fluids? this is the first day […]

23rd post

by way of Keith R.. in emergency weblog: in any case, I feel more awake, which is a good thing, because I stayed over at Kat’s house last night after the group. ah, the defunct Q/TWGTDNSIN (or whatever the hell that abbreviation was); and that’s an oldie, from just about 3 years ago! in snapping […]

apropos of nothing

Gus is the only MT blogger I know not to have any syndication whatsoever. so annoying.

already I like it

I’ve been using gmail for less than a day, and already I really like it infinitely more than mail.com. (fortunately, the massive accessibility problems don’t affect me directly.)

lilacs in the vanpool

the slap and ping of water sloshing in a cobalt-blue vase: I fear it intrudes same with the boisterous flamboyant naughty perfume rising in clouds from extravagant masses of delicate color nature is usually a vista distant beyond the windows: a mountain, the fog-shrouded mystery of the river delta, trees losing their leaves then filling […]

I’m a beta girl now

this morning when I logged into Blogger (which we still use at work) I had a lovely little box asking me if I wanted to be a Gmail beta user. why the hell not? it can’t be any worse than my experiences with mail.com. (oh, the pain; oh, the humanity.) so, you can now also […]

the tulips are nearly gone

I swear they went much faster this spring. the lilac in the backyard is coming into bloom — basically, we saved that plant; 2 years ago, it was completely smothered in blackberry and morning glory — and the candytuft & veronica (?) continue to bloom, but everything else is still just getting ready to do […]

something not quite said

the last week or so I’ve felt as though there were thoughts in my head that I haven’t quite been able to work out. something about being tired; work has been more people-intensive than usual, which saps my energy. (I’d just like to say that I’m amazed by the whole process of teaching. how people […]