23rd post

by way of Keith R..

in emergency weblog:

in any case, I feel more awake, which is a good thing, because I stayed over at Kat’s house last night after the group.

ah, the defunct Q/TWGTDNSIN (or whatever the hell that abbreviation was); and that’s an oldie, from just about 3 years ago!

in snapping links (only the 4th sentence, but that’s the last one of the post):

(Like Kat, who for a long time knew who Utne Reader (or was it Working Assets?) had sold her name to because of the junk mail that came addressed to Catherine, we always know which ‘due to your industry involvement’ bits of mail came from which list by how his last name is spelled.)

weird…both mention Kat, although the 2nd one only parenthetically.