a weird sensation

lately (about the last 6 weeks or so) I’ve been getting more and more frequent headaches. when I got one a week ago yesterday that was bad enough to send me home from work, after having a similarly bad one the Saturday before that, C. insisted that I go to the doctor. (which involved picking a doctor, because I changed health insurance at the start of the year, but that’s another tale.)

I wasn’t necessarily thrilled with the result, although I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting. nice doctor, if astonishingly young; she gave me prescriptions for a muscle relaxant and a headache pain reliever (something stronger/more focused than the Excedrin that had stopped doing me any good) and some neck exercises, and told me to call her back or come in in two weeks.

so of course the rest of the week my head felt fine, although I’ve been extra attentive to my physical and mental states this week. (it definitely helps that I keep a variety of journals and logs of my day-to-day existence…that’s how I figured out that I’d had at least one serious headache a week since early January.)

but today — which of course I’d taken as a vacation day — a bit of a sinus headache ballooned into massive can’t-concentrate level pain. so I finally filled the prescriptions I got on Tuesday and took the headache med.

it didn’t kick in for almost two hours, and then my headache went away…and immediately I wanted desperately to sleep. I took a bit of a nap, but didn’t sleep very deeply.

now I don’t have a headache, but I do have this odd floaty sensation.

hopefully, tomorrow I’ll be in good shape for the game…about which, more later.

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  1. I have migraines now and then. When I get one, I take the meds with a double or triple latte because the caffeine in it seems to act as a kicker and makes the meds work faster and I think better. Take care of yourself…headaches are a major bummer.

  2. I, for one, have noticed that every time I talk to you you seem to be just getting or getting over a headache… I always just thought it was stress. I’m glad that’s all it is… you should make C give you frequent massages and neck rubs from now on… you work hard for your money and he better treat you right.

    As for the meds… is it a fun floaty? Can I have some?

  3. Karan – thanks for the advice…I’m definitely keeping track of my caffeine intake to see where it falls on the help me/hurt me chart.

    MS 😉 – we are trading massages, since his back seems to be acting up again. (I think we need a new bed!) as for the meds: no, it sucks. had to take them again, and it’s *wham!* no more headache *wham!* sleepy and disconnected. bleh. (oh, and I might call you tonight/tomorrow…trying to decide when I’m going to do gardening stuff.)

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