I’m this way about a lot of things…. I’ve been reading tales of grad school woe and how sometimes you have to know when to say when, but I haven’t been paying attention to those warning signs at home, and goodness knows I’ve had enough times when I haven’t known how to let go and move on.

which is all to say that this week after another co-mini-breakdown and a long anguished cell phone conversation, C decided to withdraw this quarter and to take a leave of absence next quarter, so we can focus on some of the us things we should’ve done before he went back to school in the fall of ’02. neither of us is 19 anymore, and we can’t try to do everything at once, nor to do work/school without the material surroundings that make it easy to do so.

so we’re going to do some things to the house between now and next September, and I’m going to focus on getting more sleep and getting in better shape, and he’s going to work on some personal/academic/political projects that will lay groundwork for things next fall. and we’re going to enjoy each other’s company a little more, and work on working like a team.

(on an oddly related note, I was moved by Derek Powazek’s Justly Married photos…enough so that I’m tempted to buy the poster. I may write more about my (admittedly idiosyncratic) views of marriage later.)

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  1. I recommend yoga, pilates, or a solid jazz dance class! yay! maybe adventures in bellydancing or african dance! deeply #1!

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