Still old-skool

No, still haven’t got the site back running yet as it was before. Nor have I made a decision to run away to another host. There’s a slight possibility that this weekend I’ll put some work into it, but we’ll see. Despite what I said earlier, I’m thinking about switching everything over to WordPress. The new version (1.0, finally!) looks very well put-together, and after hearing of the widespread commenting system disasters of late, I think perhaps increasing the overall diversity of the blogosphere is a good idea.

Digression: why doesn’t this happen to the LJ’ers? Is it LJ’s general lack of Googlejuice? The occasional existance of a registration requirement? Or something else?

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  1. If you’re talking about comments, I think the way their comment system is designed is kind of protective versus anonymous posts. Most blogs that allow comments seem to be based on either trust, or the obscurity of (or a lack of interest in) the blog itself.

    LJ just got so big that there was a demand for the ability to either disallow, or screen, comments from various types of users. I think I’ve only gotten maybe two mildly nasty comments over the years I’ve dealt with it, but then, I haven’t really written about anything worth getting all crazy about.

  2. The thing I’m curious/worried about is not so much hostile comments from real people, but comment spamming or “crapflooding” — it seems endemic to the MovableType scene, and to a lesser extent WordPress, so much so that I have yet to turn on comments on snapping links….and it’s not like I’m all that high-profile. (at one point I was getting a few spam comments nearly every day, shortly before the whole damn thing went offline.)

    I wonder if it’s a code thing…since MT is Perl, and WP is PHP…I don’t know what LJ is, but it seems less “open” than either of those. so it’s just easy to f*ck with the MT/WP crowd.

    rather like the Microsoft problem in viruses.

  3. According to docs, Livejournal appears to be part Perl and part BML, a custom job by Bradfitz. I’ve never actually looked at it. It’s technically “open”, but anyone wanting to use the architecture will have to learn a language for which you can’t find a reference on Bookpool.

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