out of the darkness

Should be back up and running tomorrow evening, maybe Thursday…and looking for a new host after that, I think. (Yes, penny pinching is being overcome by perpetual annoyance.)

There has been mass crazy snow, which I’ll be writing about, I’m sure. (Pictures, too!) Probably the most snow that I’ve ever seen in a place where I live…although I think it’s starting to turn to freezing rain now, just from the sound on the window and the look of the lawn chairs on the patio.

Tonight I feel like I’m in limbo. I’ve been out of the office for three weeks, with the exception of the two days before Christmas. I know there’s a metric ton of work awaiting me, and probably an equal volume of mail, but it doesn’t seem quite real again yet. Oh, and most of that time I’ve been going to sleep at midnight and getting up around 9 am.

Sigh. Anyway, go find places on the Web that aren’t broken, and I’ll see you in a bit.