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Archives for January 2004


I had occasion recently to dig out a novella that I wrote my freshman year of college, the origin of which goes back to high school. It was a fantasy story, with magic and lost kingdoms and a pair of beautiful, tough, broken-hearted heroines and a somewhat-sad obsessive bad guy. Oh, the horror. There’s almost […]

About three days in California

Mom’s 60th birthday was on the fourth, and Elizabeth put together a party on the 11th. I didn’t say anything about it, because my going was a surprise, and you never know who’s reading…. Originally I wasn’t going to go because C had school — no, originally we were going to go and make a […]

Still old-skool

No, still haven’t got the site back running yet as it was before. Nor have I made a decision to run away to another host. There’s a slight possibility that this weekend I’ll put some work into it, but we’ll see. Despite what I said earlier, I’m thinking about switching everything over to WordPress. The […]

limbo, snow and moving

I’m thinking that maybe I won’t even bother trying to restore my site here. They didn’t have a backup, so there’s nothing newer out there than what I’ve got on my home computer. And I don’t really want to learn how to restore a gzip’d file, and go through all the work of restoring everything, […]

out of the darkness

Should be back up and running tomorrow evening, maybe Thursday…and looking for a new host after that, I think. (Yes, penny pinching is being overcome by perpetual annoyance.) There has been mass crazy snow, which I’ll be writing about, I’m sure. (Pictures, too!) Probably the most snow that I’ve ever seen in a place where […]