it’s pouring buckets, which nixes my idea of yesterday to spend much of today finishing on the bed I started working on last weekend. (darn, no digging about in the side yard.)

which makes the world look cold and dark. blustery, too, with the wind whipping the trees about, scattering our front yard with aspen leaves. (I noticed one day last week the wind blowing the evergreens along my vanpool route, and how it really did look just like those mysterious mood-making bits in Twin Peaks.)

and yet, and yet…I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel wonderfully cozy, with the house lit up inside, the radio mumbling away in another room (tho god how garrison keillor annoys the hell out of me), a cup of sweet creamy tea by my side. cats begging to be let in and out…oh, wait, that’s sort of irritating. but still, I feel like this is right, what fall shading into winter should be. I just wish I had a waterproof camera so I could go take pictures.

(of course, aside from all this domestic bliss, I have a metric ton of things to do: laundry and dishes and sorting through the stack of crud in my office and touchups to my website and writing, because (ack!) after writing more than 2500 words on Friday I wrote less than 200 yesterday.)