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quoted without comment

bq. Every time a friend posts something about how their eye just fell out or they’ve just had their entire house stolen, I realize what a creampuff life I’ve led. – “Wherein the bigger picture is temporarily(?) out of focus”:http://www.livejournal.com/users/kermix/345229.html

this was going to be an entry about snow

which we got a bunch of in Olympia this morning. but. I talked to Grandma on the phone today, after she got out of the hospital. I can just barely hear the Grandma I remember through the obviously very delicate old woman who was on the phone. mainly in her acerbically saying that she hadn’t […]

less grimly

Elizabeth tells me not to freak out yet (which I did by email), they really don’t know and it could go either way. bleh.

what does all this matter, anyway?

just got word from my sister that our grandmother (and last surviving grandparent) is seriously, quite likely fatally, ill. severly low blood pressure, which like the kidney failure that killed at least two other grandparents, is just the last straw. if it doesn’t go up in the next few days she’ll die, says Eliz. she’s […]


I probably shouldn’t publish this while I am (a) home by myself and (b) feeling so churlish, but there you are. was starting to plan holiday vacation times, so I looked up C’s school schedule for winter break. I’d been laboring under the impression that school didn’t start until after MLK Jr. Day (probably because […]

if you look…

…at the wall of my (home) office, it’s amazing: the books are shelved, scarves & hats put away, various pretty knicknacks & photos finally seeing the light of day, art supplies (should I ever make anything ever again) accessible. …at the floor of my office, it’s also amazing, but for the opposite reason. drifts of […]


it’s pouring buckets, which nixes my idea of yesterday to spend much of today finishing on the bed I started working on last weekend. (darn, no digging about in the side yard.) which makes the world look cold and dark. blustery, too, with the wind whipping the trees about, scattering our front yard with aspen […]

the library story

this is a placeholder for a longer thought/meditation/reminisce about libraries & librarians, inspired by “Liz Lawley”:http://mamamusings.net/archives/2003/11/12/everyone_should_have_a_library_to_love.php who was inspired by this bit of “librarian-worship”:http://torillsin.blogspot.com/2003_11_01_torillsin_archive.html#106856138150432834 — much to say on this topic, even though I may not get back to it for a while. in progress, may change later depending on time & inclination…. the house […]

go me.

I hit 10,001 words (approx). just 39,999 to go.


I can’t seem to get back into writing again after taking yesterday to work in the yard. (moving plants, sod-breaking. my arms are still tired.) instead of writing, I’m reading blogs, re-org-ing the new metal rack I installed in my office, painting the coat closet…everything except going back to my novel and picking up where […]