on writing

until I went to the dentist today and got whacked for the rest of the day by a combo of headache, novocaine, and the lingering effects of nitrous, I was spending most of my free moments (in particular, on the vanpool van) writing bits and pieces of “Part II.” damn good feeling. it’s not like my work on the first part, at least not so far…I’ve described that (and the “twins” book, which someday I’ll get back to) as like aiming towards lightposts while walking in the fog. this is even more wandering and exploratory than that in some ways, but also less so, since I’ve been thinking about it (albeit vaguely) for so many years.

I realized today that I’ve been working on this as-yet-unnamed book for just under 10 years. freakish.

but in what I’m doing now, I’m rediscovering what I love about writing.